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The story of Slipform NZ is one of family,
hard work, determination and the knowledge of all things concrete.


Beginning as a residential concrete contractor, we’ve expanded our services to include commercial and civil concrete construction work based in the central North Island. 


Today, with decades of experience and three companies across the industry we specialise in concrete placing, concrete cutting and more recently, slipform paving and kerbing.

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Slipform NZ is here to
complete concrete construction
more efficiently and accurately 

by using machine automation, interchangeable moulds and the latest technology.


Overall, Slipform NZ provides a much faster process than conventional methods, resulting in higher productivity and translating directly into cost savings.


Reduce Construction Time

Increase Productivity

Deliver Cost Savings


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Slipforming requires no boxing or formwork as it is continuously formed concrete using moulds.

Topcon GPS eliminates string line set up and reduces down time.


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Our machine will simultaneously trim the ground and pour concrete in a single pass.

Dramatically reduces the final ground prep required by the contractor.


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Vibration enables two times stronger concrete compared to conventional methods.

Increases concrete life span and can reduce the need for mesh.
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What we offer

Pathways & Cycleways.

Mould specifications vary from 1.5m to 3m wide and from 100mm to 150mm deep

We have the ability to pave over mesh/starters and can include fibre reinforcing if required
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Kerb & Channel.

Mould specifications vary from kerb and channel to dish drains

We have the ability to pave over steel and can include fibre reinforcing if required

We use hydraulic depressors to cut out driveways on the go


Barrier mould specifications are custom to your needs and can vary to 1.5m high 

We have the ability to pave over steel and can include fibre reinforcing if required
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"Time is Money"

Time is a valuable resource,
therefore its better to do things as quick as possible 

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