Our Process

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Our Purpose

To change how we produce and complete concrete construction so that New Zealand has the highest standard of living

Our Leadership

Kane Barry

SLIPFORM NZ Managing Director

Midland Concrete Cutting Founder

10 years experience in the concrete industry


Mike Barry


Impression Concrete Founder

30 years experience in the concrete industry

Our Story

For the past 20 years Mike has built his concrete placing business from the ground up to what it is today. Impression Concrete is known for their quality laying and finishing. 5 years ago, Kane established his business, Midland Concrete Cutting, to compliment Impression Concrete. In 2020, they were fed up with the physically demanding process, the chemically harsh environment and the 'construction as usual' mentality. During the Covid-19 lock down, all construction was paused for a month so they used this time to research, easier and faster ways of laying concrete. Thats when SLIPFORM NZ was born.


Continuously Innovating.
Continuously Formed Concrete.